Furniture Tips & Advice

To L With That — How to pick the perfect corner sofa

An L-shaped sofa can set the whole tone of a room, and if you want to make the right investment there’s no point cutting corners. You need to choose a sofa that’s comfortable, durable and defines your living space — and is a dream to sink into after a long day. If you’re shopping around…
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The Dining Dilemma – Choosing the right dining room table

For many of us the sit-down meal is our main gathering space for families, partners, friends and colleagues, but all-too often we don’t appreciate the setting itself. Your dining table should be the heart of your home, and if you choose the right one, you’ll cherish socialising around it — not just at meal times.…
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8 Tips to care for your sofa at home

After spending hours on Pinterest, browsing online and visiting furniture stores, you’ve finally found the perfect sofa to suit your home. And after spending that much time researching, it makes sense to also dedicate some time to taking care of it. If you clean and care for your sofa, it’ll keep that fresh from the…
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Things to do before you go sofa shopping

The kitchen may be the heart of the home, but the sofa defines the style of the sitting room. When it comes to sofa shopping these days, we're no strangers to creating Pinterest boards or saving images on Instagram for some style inspiration. By the time we visit a furniture store, we often have a fair…
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The Sofa Struggle — Fabric or Leather?

Even if you’re not an interior designer, you know a sofa makes a style statement as soon as you walk into a room. It sets the tone for visitors, and the right choice can set you and your family up for years of comfort. Once you know it’s a big investment for your home, it’s…
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Ordering furniture in time for Christmas

It’s September, as always, the year seems to be flying by. Most of us are back from Summer holidays, the wedding season is over. Festivals are all packed up and the kids have gone back to school. As we head into Autumn, we wanted to tell you why now is the perfect time to order…
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